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YNW Melly’s Father Reveals Identity In Heartfelt Cover Song, “Melly On My Mind”


In the video below, our Chief Content Creator and Trustee, JudahSon, does a “reaction video” on his YouTube channel to a cover song entitled “Melly On My Mind“, which was recorded over YNW Melly’s “Murder on My Mind” beat. What makes this particular cover song so special is that it was recorded by none other than YNW Melly’s biological father, Donte “The Gift” Taylor. What many people don’t know is that YNW Melly gets his knack for music from his father, a native of Elyria, Ohio.

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Put It Out There TV

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Put It Out There TV

YNW Melly Admits Having Family in Elyria, Ohio – Confirmation of What Donte “Tha Gift” Taylor Said?


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