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Oktibbeha County District Attorney, Scott Colom, State of Mississippi, Derelicts for Failing to File Charges Against “Anonymous” Starkville Kampground of America Manager who Brandished Firearm at Innocent Husband and Wife?


It would seem that the District Attorney of the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Mississippi, Scott Colom, who appears to be a so-called African American man, may have found himself under a rock for the last week or so. Why would we say such a thing? Well, on or around May 27, 2019, Jessica Richardson and her Husband (United States Veteran) were viciously accosted by a conveniently “anonymous” European (feigned to be “white”) Kampgrounds of America worker who took it upon herself to brandish a firearm at Mr. and Mrs. Richardson in a very threatening and terroristic manner. The Starkville Mississippi Kampgrounds of America worker justified her threatening and terroristic actions by simply stating “You must have reservations to be here.” Never have we heard of someone coming to a park without reservations being a good enough reason to pull out a gun on them and make them feel as if their lives are in imminent danger.

If any person, being sheriff, clerk of any court, constable, assessor, or collector of taxes, or holding any county office whatever, or mayor, marshal, or constable, or any other officer of any city, town, or village, shall knowingly or willfully fail, neglect, or refuse to perform any of the duties required of him by law, or shall fail or refuse to keep any record required to be kept by law, or shall secrete the same, or shall violate his duty in any respect, he shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not exceeding One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or be imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding six (6) months, or both.

Mississippi Code § 97-11-37. Failure to perform any duty

In our honest opinion, the fact that the “anonymous” Kampgrounds of America worker only was fired for her blatant criminal act instead of having criminal charges filed against her speaks volumes. It, unfortunately, wreaks of “dereliction of duty“, especially when you have video evidence of a violent crime being committed. In fact, by having that firearm in her possession, brandishing it in such a terroristic fashion, the now-fired Starkville, Mississippi Kampgrounds of America worker could’ve committed a plethora of crimes, including but not limited to kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, even human trafficking. Surely we can’t leave out the fact that this criminal has been allowed to stay anonymous after committing the type of crime that the average so-called black man would be crucified for. It seems that Scott Colom has failed to take proper action, and by doing so, has caused himself to commit a criminal act as well. This criminal act would also have civil repercussion for District Attorney Colom according to Mississippi state law.

If any county, county district, or municipal officer who has executed bond for the faithful performance of duty shall knowingly or wilfully fail, neglect, or refuse to perform any duty required of him by law or shall violate his official obligations in any respect, the president or, in the absence or disability or default of the president, the vice-president of the board of supervisors in case of a county or county district officer, and the mayor in case of a municipal officer, or any person interested in either case shall cause suit to be brought on the bond of such officer for the recovery of the damages that may have been sustained thereby.

Mississippi Code § 25-1-45 – Civil liability for failure to perform duty
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