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Ruby Nell Howell, Gun Brandishing – Former Mississippi Kampgrounds Of America Worker Arrested….Finally!

Ruby Nell “Give ‘Em Hell” Howell

The once anonymous Starkville, Mississippi – former Kampgrounds of America worker who violently brandished a fully loaded .357 Magnum at Franklin and Jessica Richardson for simply patronizing a Kampgrounds of America park “without a reservation”; has now had her identity revealed with a minor criminal – misdemeanor charge attached to the revelation. An article published on The Grio website reveals the name of our “Rambo Grambo” to be 70-year-old Ruby Nell Howell. A report published on the official CNN website reported that Ruby Nell Howell was arrested on Tuesday, June 2, 2019. Of course, they, they being the “Good ‘Ol Boys“, found some “legal” gray area that would blur the lines of the law, and give them just enough wiggle room to charge Ruby Nell Howell with a misdemeanor instead of the well-earned felony that would surely come with steeper penalties had ‘ol “Smoke Em Like A Duby Ruby” happened to be a so-called black woman that committed the same exact felonious and terroristic act.

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