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Elevation Burger: Video Appears to Show 34-Year-Old Male General Manager Forcefully Grab 20-Year-Old Female Worker by the Arm


On May 26, 2019, an Oxon Hill, Maryland Elevation Burger General Manager, Fadi Rabie, is alleged to have violently assaulted a currently unidentified 20-year-old female Manager by allegedly smacking her in the face twice! Court records show that the Elevation Burger General Manager, Fadi Rabie, was arrested for the alleged assault, and is awaiting his July 8th trial date at the Prince George’s District Court, Case number: 0502SP026572019 . Sources also say that in the meantime, Elevation Burger Corporate Headquarters has allegedly retaliated against the alleged victim by cutting her already part-time hours to a fraction of what she used to work. The victim is said to believe this is being done in retaliation due to a Magistrate granting a temporary peace order against the alleged defendant, Fadi Rabie, as seen in the image below.

Fadi Ramie Peace Order
Image of case information for the peace order adjudicated against Fadi Ramie in the Prince George’s District Court, Case number: 0502SP026572019

Even though Rabie was arrested on June 2, 2019, for allegedly committing 2 criminal acts; 2nd Degree Criminal Assault and False Imprisonment while on company time, it appears that Elevation Burger Corporate Headquarters has seen fit for Rabie to continue his managerial duties without any loss of hours. The false imprisonment charge stems from Rabie being alleged to have forced the alleged victim into clocking back in, not allowing her to leave the premises after his allegedly attacking her.

Court case information showing that Fadi Rabie was criminally charged for 2nd-degree assault and false imprisonment.

Other court records show Asia Huffman as the complainant, which we can only assume is the appellation of the alleged victim.

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