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Rapper, Rich The Kid Reveals His Haitian-American Nationality, Speaks Fluent Creole?


The video below is of the famous Rapper, Rich The Kid, speaking fluent Creole. I can only assume the video to be a quasi-proclamation of Rich The Kid’s Haitian-American nationality. What I find to be even more self-evident is the equivocalness of these colonial brand-names that have been placed upon those commercially branded as negro, black, white, colored, African-American, Hispanic, etc. Those are names placed upon the colonized in order to steep them so deep into darkness and obscurity that they lose their identities.

Equivocalsubject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse.


Equivocalness is why colonial commercial brand-names such as negro,
black, colored, African-American, Hispanic, are a problem. They don’t operate in the way words like German, Italian, Frenchman, Dutchman, Chinman, etc. For example, by people assuming Rich The Kid is just “black“, it didn’t allow them to conceptualize that Rich The Kid has a nationality, a flag, a national constitution, a land to go back to if he so chose. Those are not attributes you can apply to so-called “black” people. Those are attributes of nationals ONLY. If you hear someone say “I’m an Irishman.”, you know he is from Ireland. You know what his phenotypical traits are. You even know his accent. There is no ambiguity or equivocalness such as what exists with the word “black“. You only have to go to a dictionary to see its several tricky and unnecessary meanings. Only a cruel being would use such a word to identify people made in the image of The Most High.

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