Clearview School Board CLAPS Back at Superintendent

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Clearview Local Schools Superintendent, Jerome M. Davis, recently sent out a 3-page Fall newsletter to the district’s faculty and parents. Usually, there are no issues and the school year starts without any hiccups. Not this year though.

As a so-called black man in America, Davis made it his business to address the social issues that have plagued America this year. He addressed the protests, riots, police shootings of so-called black men and women, systemic racism, and the closeted acts of hatred and racism that plaques society everywhere in America.

It was almost as if Davis was trying to say these same factors plague the district he serves. Davis expressed his anger, sadness, and the overwhelming amount of fear he has for the futures of the so-called “minority” children of the Clearview school district. In my experience, Davis’ concern and fear is indeed justified.

Davis’ newsletter was so powerful, you’d think someone threw a rock into a proverbial “pack of dogs”, and every single dog got hit. That’s one hell of a rock. Anyhow, instead of howling and yelping in the night, The Clearview School Board responded to Davis’ newsletter with swift action.

The Clearview School Board published and/or sent out another letter, claiming that since Davis’ newsletter, the School Board has “experienced some misplaced backlash”.

The Clearview School Board, which consists of Heidi Adkins (President), Mike Post (Vice President), Darlene Baker, Mike Kokinda, and Mike Mielcarek; felt that Jerome Davis’ message was “inappropriate and not consistent with past practice”.

Considering this is the “new norm” we find ourselves in, the Clearview School Board should be expecting “past practice” to just that, a thing of the past!

It is of no surprise that Jerome Davis is not alone in his sentiments. A simple keyword search on Facebook for the “Clearview” term will show you some parents agree with Davis’ message. Some even feel that the Board’s response was racially motivated, and weaponized to silence the Superintendent Jerome M. Davis. One parent and former alumni of Clearview High School, Jalil Jackson, stood out the most to me. His statement can be read in the image below.

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