Comedian Bill Burr let’s the “Karens” Have It

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After his recent comedy skit performed on Saturday Night Live, Comedian Bill Burr finds himself under the fire of the “Karens”. The Karens? Yes, Karens.

Karen has become the term used to describe so-called white women in North America, who act oblivious to their colonizer-granted-privilege, yet have sense enough to weaponize it against so-called minorities.

So-called white women weaponizing privilege against those branded as minorities have a history of getting so-called black men lynched, burned at the stake, quartered, and more recently, shot by police.

Bill Burr even went as far as to address how Karens use their colonizer-granted-privilege to usurp and become the face of whole movements and organizations that were established to solely address and resolve the economic, political, and social plight of those branded negro, black, colored, minority, etc.

This didn’t sit very well with the Karens. Check out Bill Burr’s Saturday Night Live comedy skit.

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