Did Jay Z and the NFL Purposely Mix Social Reform, Social Justice with Partnership to Throw Us Off?

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In recent entertainment and sports news, we’vebecome aware of newly formed collaboration between the rapper/business mogul, Jay-Z and the NFL (National Football League). This newly formed partnership has also given Jay-Z gainful employment as head over the entertainment and music portion of the NFL Superbowl Halftime Show. It is being alleged that the Jay-Z Roc Nation and NFL partnership will also be used to address social justice and social reform, directly related to misprision of law and order that has been carried out against the so-called “black community’ over the last 5-10 years. Of course, at face value, the on-taking of such an endeavor sounds fruitful, especially if the attractive characterpersona, Jay-Z is attached to the move. Even I myself agree that businesswise, this partnership between Roc Nation(Jay-Z) and the NFL is very beneficial for Jay-Z and his conglomerates. Kudos to Jay-Z and his Roc Nation team for that move.

Jay-Z knew how this Roc Nation and NFL collaboration would look to the people who have supported Colin Kaepernick’s movement since it began. Jay-Z knew that it would look like. Therefore to quench the fire, he and the marketing teams at the NFL and Roc Nation had to throw out to trigger words, “social justice” and “social reform”. My issue is that this is nothing more than a marketing tactic where you use words and phrases that people are emotionally attached to in order to create a need that others never existed. The fact that my people, so-called black people, have AGAIN allowed themselves to be tricked into thinking that entertainment is going to heal our social ills.

In this video, I, JudahSon, address the newly formed partnership between Jay-Z (Roc Nation) and the NFL. Let me make it clear that I am not Pro-Colin Kapernick on this particular subject. In my honest opinion, it seems Colin Kaepernick has somehow been silenced, no longer able to address the continual onslaught of social injustices being perpetrated against those who have been commercially branded by the corporate United States of America as negro, black, colored and now African American. I am only speaking for those people, even though a lot of them may not agree with what is being said in this video. I go on further to address how entertainment has yet to resolve the social issues that we are subjected to. We’ve been singing and dancing for these people for the last 200 plus years. Tune in as I, JudahSon, give my commentary, addressing this Jay-Z and NFL partnership while utilizing a fee legal facts to substantiate my stance. I hope you enjoy.

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