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Donald Trump News: President Denounces White Supremacy


After Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s presidential debate, many so-called black people didn’t waste any time taking to social media to voice their disdain for Donald Trump not denouncing white supremacy.

Trump not denouncing white supremacist groups during the debate is just more fuel for people to see him as a racist. What many people fail to realize is that Trump denouncing white supremacist groups isn’t a mystic incantation.

Such a statement isn’t going to make the principles of white supremacy magically disappear from the hearts and minds of those deemed to be white supremacists.

If this weren’t the case, then the secret societies publicly denounced by President John F. Kennedy, who he proclaimed had nefarious plans for American citizens would no longer exist. Yet, those same secret societies exist to this very day. Hopefully, that came out correctly.

In my honest opinion, only a simple-minded person would expect a candidate who’s seeking re-election to isolate a whole group of people that critics claim to be his target audience. It isn’t a sound political strategy whether the candidate agrees with that audience’s doctrine or not.

What I find so troubling about the Trump and Biden conversation, is that people demand that you pick a team. Making a logical statement based on observation is taken as being in the defense of an alleged racist or the guy who actually wrote the 1994 Crime Bill;

a piece of legislation that has adversely affected so-called black people in such a detrimental fashion that some see the bill as an act of genocide. You can’t get any more racist than that. But, what do I know?

Having said all that, Trump has made it his business to publicly denounce white supremacy and those who uphold white supremacist principles in the above video.

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