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Elevation Burger GM, Fadi Rabie, Found Guilty of Criminal Assault on Female Worker


34-year-old Elevation Burger General Manager, Fadi Rabie, was recently found guilty of 2nd-degree criminal assault at a Prince George’s County district court. Fadi Rabie was was also charged with false imprisonment, but was not found guilty of that charge. The charges originally stem from an incident that occured at an Oxon Hill, Maryland Elevation Burger restaurant on May 26, 2019 Roman Calendar Year. Fadi Rabie is alleged to have smacked 20-yearl-old Asia Huffman in the face twice after she tried to make Fadi Rabie aware of technical issue related to one of the Oxon Hill, Maryland Elevation Burger cash registers. Fadi Rabie was arrested and arraigned that day, with a trial date set for July 8, 2019 Roman Calendar Year.


The victim of the 2nd-degree criminal assault that was carried out by the hands of Fadi Rabie, Asia Huffman, claims that after filing a police report against Fadi Rabie, her already part-time hours at the Oxon Hill, Maryland Elevation Burger location were cut down to a mere fraction. This action was allegedly justified in order to make sure Fadi Rabie and Huffman didn’t work any shifts together. Usually in a situation where a male employee, General Manager or not, violently physically attacks a female worker on company premises, a District Manager of sound mind and body would relieve him of his duties until further investigation was complete, fostering a non-hostile environment for Asia Huffman and the other female Elevation Burger – workers.


During a brief Facebook messenger conversation with Huffman, she advised me that on the day of Fadi Rabie’s trial for false imprisonment and 2nd – degree criminal assault, the owner of the Oxon Hill, Maryland Elevation Burger restaurant told the court that he would “never fire” Rabie. It seems even the Prince George’s County District Court judge who presided over the case was bit with the leniency bug as well. In fact, he/she might as well had gave Fadi Rabie a peanut butter &jelly (pb&j) sandwich for all the trouble he’s endured. Fadi Rabie was sentenced to a meager 5-6 month suspended – sentence, meaning he must be a good boy until around mid January 2020. Fadi Rabie essentially got to keep his job and not have to suffer any legal repercussions for his violent-criminal act besides having pay for a defense lawyer. I can also bet that he will be able to have his record expunged within the next year. Luckily for Rabie, Asia Huffman holds the lowly status of a so-called “black” woman in America.


Origins of Elevation Burger

After three years of careful planning and countless hours of research and development, Hans and his wife April opened the first Elevation Burger in 2005. Driven by a passion for good food that’s organic, sustainable and fresh, Elevation Burger began franchising in 2008.


Elevation Burger is the brain-child of Hans Hess. Hess was inspired to create the most healthy line of delicious burgers, hence Elevation Burger. Elevation Burger was conceived by Hans Hess in 2002 and manifested in 2005. #ElevationBurger #FadiRabie #FadiRabee #OxonHill #Maryland

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