Elyria Police Department: “They Had A Big ‘Ol Guns” Pt. 2 | Isaiah Robinson Police Shooting

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In this 2nd video, JudahSon zones in on how news-media outlets that are much larger than Put It Out There TV are reporting that the men injured in the police shooting that occurred on July 2, 2019, at a Carlisle Township, Ohio (Elyria) Marathon gas station, Isaiah Robinson and Damon Battles, were allegedly armed and “threatening” the Elyria Police officers who were on the scene, fully armed, ready for war. Isaiah Robinson was killed due to being on the receiving end the of fire and brimstone hailing from the high-powered rifles that can be seen being carried by the Elyria Police “officers” in the video uploaded to Facebook by Jalyce Jackson. Damon Battles is reported to be in critical condition. During this video, JudahSon presents the horrific video of the Elyria, Ohio (Carlisle Township) Marathon Gas station paramilitary-styled police shooting, reacts to it and presents his commentary. Many members of Elyria’s “urban” community-members feel the police shooting that took the life of Isaiah Robinson and severely injured Damon Battles was racially motivated. They are calling the shooting a long list of things such as “police terrorism“, “domestic terrorism“, “genocide“, enforcement of the Ohio Black Codes, a branch of the Christian Black Codes of 1724.

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