Fox News: SPLC is Hate Group who Polices YouTube Content for Google

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In the video below, JudahSon (@JudahSon) talks about how he has come across some information on the Fox News YouTube channel. Tucker Carlson of the Fox News Channel alleges that YouTube (Google) has a secret relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center. JudahSon reveals that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has alleged that Google uses the Southern Poverty Law Center to police content on YouTube. With SPLC being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, JudahSon is unclear on whether or not YouTube is cutting a check to the Southern Law Poverty Center. If they are, JudahSon believes such payments are made under the guise of “donations”.

What is clear to JudahSon is that the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) is using their defacto YouTube-policing powers to arrest whole channels of YouTube content creators who are seen as a problem for the so-called white Christian power structure. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center has become well known as a hate group, using their platform to demonize any poor soul they see fit. They have even gone as far as violating the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by constantly utilizing colonizer-styled propaganda smear tactics, denigrating the true and de jure Americans, the Aboriginal – Indigenous Moors of North, Central, South America, and the adjoining islands.

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