Hebrew Etymology Proves Moor Does NOT Mean “Black”!

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In this throwback video, using Hebrew etymology, JudahSon gives a scholarly, detailed breakdown of the term “Moor”. The purpose of this video is to disprove the misconception that the term “Moor” simply translates to “black”. The sentiment that “Moor” means “black” is an argument used by those who unfortunately have a strange yet sad mental and emotional attachment to the colonial brand name, “black”.

They fight dagger, tooth, and nail to defend it as if it is an ancestral blood-line identity, ignoring the fact that “black” is a brand name that was placed on their ancestors by slaveholders. So much so, that when someone like JudahSon tells them that he and they are NOT black but, are Moors, they simply say “If you’re saying Moor means black, then, yes, I’m a Moor.”

They even call themselves referencing foreign Greek sentiment that defines Moor as meaning black. This is evidence of the mental slavery my people are suffering from. This Hebrew etymology lecture will indeed disprove all of that and be used as a tool against the war on mental slavery.

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