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Isaiah Robinson: Sheriff’s EPD Investigation May be a Conflict of Interest?


Almost a whole month after the July 2, 2019 shooting-death of Isaiah Robinson by employees of the Elyria Police Department corporation, conflicting concerns have begun to arise among the community over whether or not the investigation being carried out by an investigator for the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office corporation is in fact “fair and impartial”. Do they have a real reason to be concerned?

After doing some careful research, on top of also being born and raised on the organic land where the City of Elyria municipal corporation does business, I would have to say that not only may the loved ones of Isaiah Robinson have reason to be concerned but, the people who domicile within the Elyria territory may also have reason to be concerned; as the “independent” investigation being carried out by Lorain County Sheriff’s Office corporation may, in fact, be legally defective due to a conflict of interest.


How is there A Possible Conflict of Interest by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department Investigating the EPD Isaiah Robinson Shooting?

Before I can begin to answer how there may be a possible conflict of interest by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department investigating the Elyria Police Department shooting-death of Isaiah Robinson, we must first ask ourselves, in whose interest is the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department working? Is it the interest of the City of Elyria municipal corporation? Is the Interest of the Elyria Police Department corporation? Could it be that they are working for the interest of Isaiah Robinson’s loved ones? Maybe that’s something you will be able to discern on your own by the time you reach the end of this blog. At the very least, we are going to want to get a proper comprehension of the term conflict of interest from the perspective of law. It will not do anyone any justice by me allowing you to think your commoner’s English is what’s used at law. In the law, the universal language is known as legalese. What a term may mean in regular conversation does not hold the same meaning when being used at law.

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition defines conflict of interest as the following:

Term used in connection with public officials and fiduciaries and their relationship to matters of private interest or gain to them. Ethical problems connected therewith are covered by statutes in most jurisdictions and federal statutes on the federal level, Generally, when used to suggest disqualification of a public official for performing his sworn duty, term “conflict of interest” refers to a clash of public interest and the private pecuniary interest of the individual concerned. – Gardner v. Nashville Housing Authority of Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davison County, Tenn., C.A. Tenn., 514 F.2d 38, 41.

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition

A Deeper Look at Conflict of Interest

Now let’s take a deeper look at the legal definition for conflict of interest. The first two words that stand out to me and should stand out to you are “public officials” and “fiduciaries”. A Public officials and a fiduciaries are one and the same. Another term for fiduciary is trustee. A trustee’s job is to work for the benefit of the beneficiary. In fact, an elected official such as the Lorain County Sheriff is a public official, fiduciary, trustee. If lawfully carrying out his duties, his job is to protect the interests (rights) of the flesh and blood men and women he has a sworn duty and oath to protect.

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition defines fiduciary as the following:

  1. The term is derived from Roman law, and means (as a noun) a person holding the character of a trustee, or a character of analogous to that of a trustee, in respect to the trust and confidence involved in it and the scrupulous good faith and candor which it requires. A person having duty, created by his undertaking, to act primarily for another’s benefit in matters connected with such undertaking. As an adjective it means of the nature of a trust; having the characteristics of a trust; analogous to a trust; relating to or founded upon a trust or confidence. 
  1. A person or institution who manages money or property for another and who must exercise a standard of care in such management activity imposed by law or contract; e.g. executor of estate; receiver in bankruptcy; trustee. A trustee, for example, possesses a fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries of the trust to follow the terms of the trust and the requirements of applicable state law. A breach of fiduciary responsibility would make the trustee liable to the beneficiaries for any damage caused by such breach.
Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition

Therefore, when carrying out the independent investigation of the shooting-death of Isaiah Robinson by the hands of Elyria Police, the Lorain County Sheriff must, by law, carry out the investigation in the interest of the organic people and for the benefit of the organic people, not the municipal corporation, City of Elyria. With that being said, we have no choice but to inquire and investigate the legitimacy of the investigation being carried out by the Lorain County Sheriff investigator. If there is in fact a conflict of interest by the Lorain County Sheriff carrying out this independent investigation, then it would not be fair to the people, nor would it be fair to the Isaiah Robinson’s loved ones. It would be a travesty perpetrated against the spirit of justice. These types of unlawful practices, sometimes, unfortunately become the embedded protocols of those whom have a sworn duty to the people, all the while getting away with it due to the ignorance of the people. That’s why I’ve always said that ignorance is always bliss as long as it is beneficial. The people being ignorant of the law is breeds fraud.


What Establishes the Fiduciary and Beneficiary Relationship Between the Lorain County Sheriff and the People He Serves?

What established the fiduciary and beneficiary relationship between the Lorain County Sheriff, his deputies and the people; is the fact that before taking his public seath, the sheriff must take an Oath of Office, swearing or affirming to uphold the constitution for the United States and the Ohio republic. Once the oath of office has been taken and recorded on the public record with an accompanying fiduciary bond, the sheriff establishes his fiduciary/trustee relationship with the people. The fiduciary bond acts as insurance (surety) in case the sheriff violates his trust. The fiduciary bond always carries a monetary value. The monetary purpose of the fiduciary bond is to cover any damages/injuries received by the sheriff while carrying out his official duties. The oath of office and fiduciary/surety bond act as a contract, a covenant. (See Deuteronomy 28).

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition defines fiduciary bond as the following:

Type of surety bond required by court to be filed by trustees, administrators, executors, guardians, and conservators to insure proper performance of their duties.

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition

Where the Conflict of Interest May Arise……

One thing that people need to know is that both the City of Elyria and Lorain County are corporations. Corporations are established to do business, i.e. commerce. They are established to make money, not lose it due to paying out millions of dollars in damages for their corporate security guards unjustly killing a man. Lorain County does most of its principal business at the City of Elyria municipal corporation. This essentially means that the City of Elyria holds the county seat. This also means that they have contracts with one another. That is where the conflict of interest may actually arise. When contracts produce more of a benefit for the corporations than they do for the people, history shows that corporations do what’s in the best interest of the corporation. All we have to do is look at the long list of police shootings that have taken place throughout the so-called United States within the last 5 years. The majority of UNJUSTIFIED police shootings have been arbitrarily justified, and not in the actual pursuance of justice. With all that data, can we actually expect the Lorain County Sheriff’s investigator to actually carry out a fair and balanced investigation? Can the loved ones of Isaiah Robinson expect the justice they are seeking?



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