Judas and the Black Messiah Affidavit: How to Stop Agents Cold

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I don’t have to watch the Judas and the Black Messiah movie to know that the Black Panthers were sold out but infiltrated by a true Judas. In fact, we’ve had several Judas and the Black Messiah-type situations that have hindered so-called black people from reaching their Zenith. Not only was Fred Hampton sold out by a filthy Judas who was working for the colonizer’s team but, Malcolm X was also betrayed by Judases. Noble Drew Ali had Judases. This has been an ongoing theme in our journey to true freedom. Due to that, I created an Anti-CoIntelPro affidavit. The affidavit is to be used to weed out any Judas, man of or woman, who may be among us when we are trying to raise our people from their lowly position in the world.

Anyone who is truly about the upliftment of fallen humanity, her son’s and daughters, would be more than willing to sign this Anti-CoIntelPro affidavit in order to show their allegiance to their people.

Anyone who refuses to sign it is a filthy Judas who was most likely sent by the colonizer and one of their alphabet organizations in order to hinder the rise of a so-called “Black Messiah”.

When they refuse to sign the Anti-CoIntelPro affidavit, you remove them from among you and let them know that you aren’t having any of that CoIntelPro behavior.

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