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Moor Opens Bank Account with Moorish I.D. | Rights of Self – Indentity | UNDRIP


In this video, JudahSon, a Moor, talks about enforcing his indigenous rights to self-identify as being Aboriginal-Indigenous to North, Central, South America, and the adjoining islands; by utilizing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in order to open a bank account while using a Moorish national identification card in lieu of a State of Ohio Department of Safety Bureau of Motor Vehicles Identification Card. JudahSon also takes the opportunity to address some of the “sovereign citizen” propaganda that has been published by news media outlets such as Southern Poverty Law Center, The Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, Ohio), and The Morning Journal (Lorain, Ohio) to mention a few. By reading from the Moorish Proclamation issued from the office of Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago at the time, JudahSon is able to show that Moors are a nation of people who’re in fact Aboriginal – Indigenous to North Central South America and the adjoining islands, with our own sovereign Theocratic government, yet are not “sovereign citizens” who’re “anti-government. Moors love America.

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