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Moorish American National "Sovereign Citizen" Fails Terribly at Best Buy Tax Exempt Attempt


WATCH FULL VIDEO: https://putitouttheretv.com/moor-attempts-tax-exemption-at-best-buy

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Moorish American National “sovereign citizens” are alleged to believe that they are above U.S. law, they don’t have to obey federal and state laws, can take multi-million dollar mansions with quit-claim deeds, drive on the public roads “without a license” and most famously, they are “exempt” from all forms of taxes, espousing that corporations can only collect taxes from other corporations.

The Moorish American Nationals, “sovereign citizens”, as the Southern Poverty Law Center has dubbed them, brazenly refuse to use the legal identification cards made available to them by the Bureau/Department of Motor Vehicles corporation who services their local jurisdictions. Instead, they choose to use a form of identification that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be “fraudulent” despite the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, i.e. the international community already having convened upon the topic of indigenous peoples having a right to determine their own identification and representation. This “fraudulent” identification is what the Moorish American National “sovereign citizen” have coined as the “Moorish nationality card“, “Moorish i.d.”, “Moorish national identification card”, “Moorish American national identification card”, “moors national id”, “moors id card”, and a long laundry list of other names. The Moors are alleged by the Southern Poverty Law Center to claim that these Moorish nationality cards give them the “indigenous right” to avoid sales taxes at the point of sale.

In this video, A Moorish American National “Sovereign Citizen” (as alleged by Southern Poverty Law Center) attempts to use his “Moorish nationality card” during a Best Buy purchase in order to achieve what is known in the Moorish American National “sovereign citizen” community as “tax exemption status” or “non-tax obligation”, as a means to allegedly avoid sales tax at the point of sale. The video appears to allude to the Moor the acquiring the success he thought he would see while using his Moorish American Nation sovereign citizen Moorish national identification card. This one may go down in the books as another classic sovereign citizen fail. Tune in. The Southern Poverty Law Center is gonna love this one!

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