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What Not Calling Yourself “Black” Can Do for You at Law


Moors, often libeled in the media by journalists who are either incompetent and/or have nefarious motives to be libelous in the first place; it again, is a sincere pleasure to re-present content like this to the public. What type of content, you ask. The type of content that shows Moors in a Diplomatic, Noble, and positive light.

Well, in recent news, Moorish American National and Consul General of Morocco; Lamont Maurice El, was able to demonstrate the power of being a Moor who has a national descent name, a free national government, and the backing of international treaty law, specifically the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States of America, as referenced in Article 6 of the Constitution for the United States.

This is important because SO-CALLED “black” people who know that black is a brand name placed on human chattel properties by slaveholders, under the guise of plausible deniability, always like to ask; “What can calling myself a Moor do for me?”. It enables you to do what you definitely cannot and/or WILL NOT do as so-called black people.

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