Obtaining Police Report for Elyria Police Shooting at Marathon Gas Station

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In this video, JudahSon sits in some amazing air conditioning and talks about a police shooting that took place on or about July 2, 2019 at a Marathon Gas Station on East Avenue, at Elyria, Ohio. Footage of police-employees for the Elyria Police Department corporation of the City of Elyria municipal corporation shooting Isaiah Robinson and Damon Battles has surfaced across the Lorain County sector of Facebook. With the Elyria and Lorain communities being so close-knit, this police shooting is having an adverse effect on so many families. So instead of getting on social media, acting on emotion and pointing fingers at the Elyria Police Department employees, JudahSon made the decision to go down to the Elyria Police Department corporation headquarters located at 18 West Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035 in order to obtain a copy of the police report related to the shooting involving Isaiah Robinson and Damon Battles that took place at a Marathon Gas station located at 1425 East Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035.

JudahSon arrived at the Elyria Police Department corporationheadquarters on July 3, 2019, and was unfortunately advised that the police report has yet to be completed. They, the men and/or women involved in the shooting are surely getting their story together. JudahSon will have more details as the story develops.

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