Oktibbeha County District Attorney, Scott Colom, State of Mississippi, Derelicts for Failing to File Charges Against “Anonymous” Starkville Kampground of America Manager who Brandished Firearm at Innocent Husband and Wife?

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It would seem that the District Attorney of the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Mississippi, Scott Colom, who appears to be a so-called African American man, may have found himself under a rock for the last week or so. Why would we say such a thing? Well, on or around May 27, 2019, Jessica Richardson and her Husband (United States Veteran) were viciously accosted by a conveniently “anonymous” European (feigned to be “white”) Kampgrounds of America worker who took it upon herself to brandish a firearm at Mr. and Mrs. Richardson in a very threatening and terroristic manner. The Starkville Mississippi Kampgrounds of America worker justified her threatening and terroristic actions by simply stating “You must have reservations to be here.” Never have we heard of someone coming to a park without reservations being a good enough reason to pull out a gun on them and make them feel as if their lives are in imminent danger.

If any person, being sheriff, clerk of any court, constable, assessor, or collector of taxes, or holding any county office whatever, or mayor, marshal, or constable, or any other officer of any city, town, or village, shall knowingly or willfully fail, neglect, or refuse to perform any of the duties required of him by law, or shall fail or refuse to keep any record required to be kept by law, or shall secrete the same, or shall violate his duty in any respect, he shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not exceeding One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or be imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding six (6) months, or both.

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