South Africans UNFAMILIAR with Meek Mill’s Mandela Award?

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Meek Mill's Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award
Meek Mill’s Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award

How in the world are South Africans unfamiliar with Meek Mill’s Mandela award? After all, Nelson Mandela is world renown for his fight against Apartheid in South Africa. So of all people, you’d think South Africans would know what the “Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award” is. Apparently, that isn’t the case whatsoever.

Meek Mill recently announced on his Instagram page that he was awarded the “Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award”. So, before we move forward, Put It Out There TV would like to congratulate Meek Mill on his newly ascertained accolade.

After Meek made his award public, in the usual fashion, the several Hip-Hop media outlets wasted no time in further publicizing the win for Meek. Writing this article for a media outlet, far be it from me to throw stones for them capitalizing on new content creation to drive traffic to their individual platforms. We do the same thing as them! That includes the Hip-Hop media outlet, According 2 Hip-Hop.

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