Styles P and Cam’ron Go in On their Rap Beef

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Styles P and Cam’ron go in on their rap beef due to years worth of rumors. We’ve all heard how Dipset and the Lox (D-Block) were beefing. During those times, rap beef was the in thing. So much so, people were able to make big money from it. P-Cutta had the “Street Wars” mixtape series, QD3 had the Beef DVD series. Hell, even Hot 97 would allow rappers to use their airwaves to lyrically assault one another. These forms of entertainment have now evolved into what we now know as “Verzuz”. Speaking of Verzuz, we can all agree that the Lox demolished Dipset. Following the Verzuz, Dipset’s Cam’ron, and the Lox’s Styles P got together to tell us all about the beef we’ve all heard about throughout the years.

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