???‍♂️The Impure Party Predator: Malik Don Kilam | Trust Property Thief???‍♂️

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In this video, JudahSon talks about how the property he is in trust of has been stolen by Malik Don Kilam and is being misrepresented by this character. JudahSon wants all the Moors out there to know that he does not and nor  does not Moorish Nationality Card Services have ANY contractual and/or verbal business agreements with Malik Don Kilam. JudahSon contacted Malik Don Kilam about 2 weeks ago to amicably resolve the issue. JudahSon even presented himself as Trustee of the trust property in question. Malik Don Kilam has purposely failed to respond and is now in DISHONOR. With that being said, JudahSon does not want to here none of that BITCHIN’, GROANIN, and MOANIN’ some of you hoe ass Moors are good for. If you are standing next to him or with him you are in DISHONOR with him.

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