Twisted Tea Guy: Racist or Hate Crime Victim?

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I’m sure by now that you’re well aware of Randy Teter, also known as the Twisted Tea Guy. Unfortunately for Randy, he’s become infamous in the court of public opinion, branded as a racist. Randy is also suffering the wrath of the internet phenomenon, becoming a Twisted Tea meme video. All over the internet, there are Twisted Tea memes of Randy getting slapped with a can of Twisted Tea.

The world renown incident occurred at a local Elyria, Ohio Circle K store, receiving well over 20 million accumulated views. In fact, the incident has garnered so much attention that local Elyria, Ohio stores are being alleged to be sold out of Twisted Tea. Some even claim the Twisted Tea slap has caused the brand’s stock value to increase. If anything, it has caused the stock value of human decency to decrease to a savagely low level.

Many have justified Randy’s Twisted Tea assault by creating a false narrative that Randy is a “racist” who committed a hate crime by using the term “nigga”. This is especially the sentiment of many so-called “black” Ohioans. Mind you, these are some of the same people who use the ugly word as a twisted term of endearment.

They even grew up with “white boys” who are just like Randy, calling them “my nigga”, yet have the audacity to be offended when they use it as a term of endearment. Fact is, it is the epitome of being a blatant hypocrite. I, myself, was a supreme hypocrite on this particular subject matter.

As far as hate crimes go at Ohio, there is only one statute, Ohio Revised Code 2927.12 – Ethnic Intimidation. After looking at the criteria it takes to qualify for Ethnic Intimidation, I’m convinced Randy isn’t the one who committed the hate crime. I’m also convinced that Randy may not be the racist. It is those who are justifying his assault. In my honest opinion, it appears that Randy is the victim of a twisted hate crime.

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