Video: Elyria, Ohio Police Opening Heavy Fire on Car Full of “black” Men (GRAPHIC)

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After hearing of a police-shooting that had taken place at Elyria, Ohio; I went to scouring social media, Facebook to be exact. To my unfortunate surprise, a video has surfaced of Elyria Police “officers”, employees of the Elyria Police Department corporation of the City of Elyria Municipal corporation, opening heavy-handed, high-powered fire upon an automobile full of “black” men. One of the men who were hit by the Thor-like hail storm of bullets is a man who is known in Elyria as Isaiah Robinson. Sources say that Robinson has been confirmed dead and that the other man, Damon Battles, also from Elyria, Ohio was critically injured. I’m not sure how true this is.

There has been no report of any other injured parties or whether any of them were armed. These are all the details we currently have but, we will keep you up to date as they come in. We plan on procuring a certified copy of the police report and any calls to the police that may have lead to the Elyria Police “officers” suspecting the men of committing a crime, having been in the commission of a crime, or having knowledge of a crime that the men may have been alleged to have committed.

To make matters worse, sources also tell us that news outlets much larger than Put It Out There TV are reporting that there was an exchange of fire between the men in the automobile and the police. Maybe they don’t have the footage we have, because there is no obvious shoot-out for us to see. The footage of the horrific shooting can be seen below. Our sympathies go out to the loved ones of the men injured in this shooting. We warn you that the footage is very graphic, much different from a gun-fire in a movie scene. Viewer discretion is advised.

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