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Video Shows Facebook Beef Ending in Shots being Fired on Elyria’s West Side


According to an official Elyria Police Department police report, there was an altercation on the 500 block of Bell Avenue, the West side of Elyria, Ohio; that lead to blows being thrown and shots being fired. From first-hand knowledge of the situation, we can factually say that the altercation stems from a disagreement that took place on the digital soils of Facebook. The two parties involved in this unfortunate situation are identified in the police report as being Shannon Ray Williams, 38 and Allen T. Shine, 40, both natives of Elyria’s west side.


What seems to have started out as a simple Facebook status post that was published by Shine, giving another west side Elyria native props (honor) for helping him (Shine) to be able to be in a position that would better the quality of his family’s life, progressed into a full-blown back-and-forth “spat” between Williams and Shine. By looking at the thread on Shine’s Facebook post, Shine is under the impression that Williams was indirectly throwing shade at him via several of his posts, saying in a way that Shine’s new achievement means nothing because the man who helped him (Shine) is “soft”.

The post from Williams that garnered the attention of Shine was posted on August 12, 2019. Williams stated, And just know Elyria Westside the n***** y’all think his boss I look at ass soft 4402192265”. Shine responded directly to Williams on the post by saying “When I say boss ..it has nothing to do with how soft or hard a nigga is…a nigga put me on to some shit that gonna make me and my fam money…I don’t care how soft or hard a nigga is….that has nothing to do with being a boss or getting paper.” It seemed that would have been enough to quench the then small flames, as Williams responded by saying “Kno doubt.


Not long after that, Williams began to publish several public video posts to his Facebook page that seemed to contain subliminal messages and taunts that were directed at Shine, goading Shine to come to meet Williams at “580 Willow Park”. They were shrouded in so many ambiguities that I wasn’t able to discern who the posts were directed towards. After piecing together some facts, I can only assume that Williams was speaking to Shine. At least Shine felt the indirect messages were directed at him. Shine seemed to be so frustrated with the situation that he made a status post that stated “Since we doing Facebook …. Nine times out of 10 I’m by myself just riding my scooter up and down Belle avenue up and down lake avenue and I sit at the carwash a lot… So if any of you lame ass n***** want to fight cuz I said Dough Mccall was a boss…. You most likely find me in those spots…. And I’ll put a name on it Shannon Williams.” After making that post, it seemed as if Shine cooled off. He even made a status post that said “Back to my peaceful life…. Never let a MF that standing still in life run you off the road… Keep advancing and adding value your life.


Williams responded on that post by stating “LOL how many houses do you own in Elyria cuz I don’t even live in Elyria a my name or to register Deeds? f****** cornball have fun working hard at that nine-to-five while the majority of my new house is glass I can’t even go live on Facebook with it you got to go to the north side of Elyria n**** to see a house like mine so if I’m standing still in life you got to be running your fastest backwards f****** corn ball”.

After that statement, Shine had enough and finally decided to grant Williams his original request, which was to set up a time to meet up face-to-face. By then it seemed that Shine had cooled down again. In between the time of that Williams’ post and the publishing of the video below, Williams is alleged to have spoken ill of Shine’s now-deceased mother. Even the most peaceful man may have a hard time not trying to gouge out the tongue of the man who speaks ill of his deceased mother. If this is true, Williams’ act should be seen as nothing less than a war-tactic to guarantee the rendezvous-point arrival of an enemy who is not thinking clearly, simultaneously armed and blinded by anger, giving one supreme advantage over the angry and blind enemy; that angry and blind enemy being Shine.


With Shannon Williams being licensed to carry a concealed weapon at the State of Ohio, Shine appearing to be the aggressor in a part of the west side where Williams is on the public record for residing, it is very possible Williams was hoping the “Castle Doctrine” would be of benefit to him if he would happen to shoot and kill Allen T. Shine and receive criminal charges. Shine just so happened to record and publish a video to Facebook of himself traveling to Williams’ location on the 500 block of Bell Avenue, Elyria, Ohio to fight Williams. You don’t get to see the fight due to Shine having to put his phone down on the ground to fight. What can be heard in the background of the video is a ruckus, talking from other unidentified parties, and then a gunshot. The Only injury Shine sustained appears to be a bite on his right forearm in the image below.


Under the Ohio Castle Doctrine, a gun owner can use force to defend themselves against an intruder who is forcing their way or has already forced their way into their home or automobile. Not only that but in Ohio, if someone uses deadly force and self-defense is their justification, the burden of proof is no longer on them. Keep that in mind Ohioans. Needless to say, Shine and Williams did meet up on Bell Avenue, Elyria, Ohio. They fought. Williams is alleged to have fired off one gunshot and alleged to have bitten Shine. We are not sure if the shot was fired due to Williams feeling his life was in extreme danger.

Image of bite injury sustained by Allen T. Shine during interaction with Shannon Williams.

Unfortunately for Shannon Williams, according to the Elyria Police Department police report, he was arrested and received four (4) criminal charges:

  1. Possession of Controlled SubstancesF5 (ORC 2925.11C1)
  2. Improper Handling Firearms in a Motor VehicleM4 (ORC 2913.16C4)
  3. Discharging FirearmsM4 (ORD 549.12)
  4. Possession of MarijuanaMM (ORC 2925.11C3)

The police report further states that the Possession of Controlled Substances charge stems from Williams being found in possession of a “pink powder” “weighed at .6 grams with packaging.” This pink powder is said to “meth”. Oddly enough, being a carrier of an Ohio License to carry a concealed weapon does not give one immunity from charges such as improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle and discharging firearms. It would seem that Williams now has a legal battle on his hands, as the police report states that he was transferred to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department, to be held in the county jail without bond until he is arraigned at the Elyria Municipal Court corporation for charges alleged.



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