Video Shows YouTube has Blacklisted Moors from their Search Engine

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In this video, JudahSon addresses how YouTube is utilizing their algorithms in order to push Moorish Americans (#Moors) waaaay down in their search engine results. In short, Moors have been blacklisted, blackballed, ghosted on YouTube. This is nothing less than an attempt of colonizers at YouTube to make Moors disappear from their sight and/or site, as it is Moors who are putting these Europeans who are feigning to be American on blast for their supreme misprision of the Supreme Law of the Land.

The colonizers are tired of Moors (Moorish Americans) putting them on blast in the public for being traitorous usurpers of this great Republic (Article 6 American Constitution). JudahSon goes on even further in the video to show that without the shadow of a doubt that Moors on YouTube are under heavy YouTube censorship provisions. How does JudahSon show that YouTube is purposely pushing Moors’ videos down in their search engine? Simple. In this video, JudahSon takes you to the YouTube website and types the word “Moor” in the search box. After hitting enter, you will see that VERY LITTLE, if any channels and/or videos by actual Moors show up at all. You will even see YouTube’s system glitch as it jumbles code in order to effectively push one of my videos down.

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