Vlad TV Loses 20k YouTube Subscribers in 48 Hours?

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Ever since Lord Jamar and Godfrey, the most frequented Vlad TV guests, have made it pristinely clear that they’re done with DJ Vlad and Vlad TV, some are questioning if boycotting the Vlad TV YouTube channel will have any effect on Vlad.

This is due to Vlad refusing to apologize to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan after misquoting the minister, creating a context that didn’t exist.

The context painted Farrakhan into the old misused and abused “anti-Semitic” corner of an oblong-shaped room.

Though Vlad did edit the video of his misquote and post a retraction on his Twitter page, it didn’t seem to be good enough to quench the flames.

More and more people are coming to the conclusion that DJ Vlad purposely misquoted the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in order to manipulate an interview out of him.

This is because Vlad has allegedly stated that he will only apologize if the Honorable Minister personally speaks with him, even if only over the phone.

So with Lord Jamar and Godfrey calling for so-called black people to boycott DJ Vlad and Vlad TV, some will be happy to hear that the Vlad TV YouTube channel subscriber numbers have dropped by 20k and counting.

I know this because I am a former subscriber of the Vlad TV YouTube channel. When I unsubscribed, Vlad TV had a whopping 4.28 million subscribers. Today, as I’m typing this article, the Vlad TV YouTube channel now has 4.26 million subscribers.

To many, that is like comparing a drop of water to the ocean. I would have to agree. Thing is, Vlad is a stickler when it comes to his numbers. He loves to talk about his numbers. So for him to see 20,000 fewer subscribers than he had approximately 48 hours ago has to bother DJ Vlad, even if just a little.


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